A post about 10 posts I could write about

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June 9, 2013 by juicefong

Things I could post about right now…tell me which one you’d like to see (poll below):

1) Reflections from TFA staff’s recent “AAPI” Summit – yeah, that’s me using air quotes in text. You didn’t even think that was possible.

2) Buying an apartment in NYC. All you need to know from a guy who’s trying to get it done.

3) Which regions I think TFA applicants should more strongly consider.

4) Our team’s newest internal communications product, the Monday Minute, which launches tomorrow (June 10, 2013).

5) How to connect fongalong.com to this WordPress blog, after I accomplish that, of course.

6) The amazing jalapeño pickles and curry cashews I bought at the Greenpoint Farmers Market here in Brooklyn.

7) My cool experience being waved down by some Hasidic Jews who needed help yesterday in Williamsburg.

8) The well-documented sadness that is Stuyvesant High School’s lack of diversity.

9) Why me and some buddies (I know that’s not correct grammatically—just go with it already) want to start an online-based venture around coaching math teachers.

10) How my team has cut email volume down dramatically by using a public Yammer group.

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