My date with U.S. Census data last night

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June 17, 2013 by juicefong

I apparently had a date with last night. It was a data date. There are shelves full of data on that website, some of it pretty boring, but lots of fascinating stuff, too. With no particular rhyme or reason, I started pulling out various statistics and tweeting them.

The two brightest I’ve listed at the top. The increase in voting rates as educational attainment level rises is not necessarily a surprise, but the range was absolutely shocking. Thinking about families’ poverty rates, it makes a ton of sense that married couples have a much lower rate of living in poverty. That leaves a lot to worry about with 31% of females without a husband living in poverty.

Have at it, and know that I rounded in most cases:

Voting rates in 2012 by educational attainment:
< 9th grade: 22%
Some HS: 32%
HS grad: 49%
Some college: 62%
Bachelor’s+: 72%

Families in poverty:
Married couples: 6%
Female without husband: 31%
Male without wife: 16%

% of Americans who have never been married, by age range:
20-24 years: 85%
25-29 years: 57%
30-34 years: 34%
35-39 years: 22%

36% of Asian males in U.S. ages 30-34 have never been married. Meanwhile, 22% of Asian females in the U.S. ages 30-34 have never been married. (This one was a great topic of conversation for our date.)

Average American family size:
White: 3.08
Black: 3.31
Hispanic: 3.78
Asian: 3.40

Average family size by education of “householder”:
No high school degree: 3.50
HS grad: 3.06
Some college: 3.10
Bachelors+: 3.10

Median household income in U.S.:
Asian: $65k
White: $55k
All races: $50k
Hispanic: $38k
Black: $32k

Living below poverty:
All ‘Mericans: 15%
White: 13%
Black: 28%
Asian: 12%
Hispanic: 25%

Full-time, year-round workers:
Male: 58 million
Female: 44 million

Income distribution: percentage of all American income, by quintile:
Top quintile: 51%
Fourth: 23%
Third: 14%
Second: 8%
Bottom: 3%

Americans without health insurance:
White: 15%
Black: 20%
Asian: 17%
Hispanic: 30%
Under 65: 18%
65+: 2%

% of 3 and 4 year-olds enrolled in nursery or kindergarten:
White: 51%
Black: 55%
Asian: 51%
Hispanic: 41%

Voting rates in 2012 presidential election:
White: 64%
Black: 66%
Asian: 47%
Hispanic: 48%

Percentage of voting-eligible electorate:
White: 71.1%
Black: 12.5%
Hispanic: 10.8%
Asian: 3.8%

Hispanics as percentage of voting-eligible electorate:
1996: 6.1%
2000: 7.1%
2004: 8.2%
2008: 9.5%
2012: 10.8%

Leading causes of death in U.S. males in 2009:
Heart disease: 25%
Cancer: 24%
Injuries: 6%
Lower respiratory disease: 5%
Stroke: 4%
Diabetes: 3%

Leading causes of death in U.S. females:
Heart disease: 24%
Cancer: 22% Stroke: 6%
Lower respiratory disease: 6%
Alzheimer’s: 5%
Injury: 4%

Leading causes of death for black men, ages 25-34:
Homicide: 33%
Unintentional injuries: 20%
Heart disease: 9%
Suicide: 6%
HIV: 6%

States with the most same-sex couples:
California: 87k
Florida: 45k
New York: 44k
Texas: 37k
…and the lowest:
North Dakota: 413
Wyoming: 539
South Dakota: 814
Alaska: 828

States with highest proportion of same-sex households (same-sex households/total pop):
Washington DC
New Hampshire
(Notice the correlation here, as the above states have laws protecting the rights of same-sex couples.)
North Dakota

% of U.S. population:
White: 63.9%
Hispanic: 14.5%
Black: 13.0%
Asian: 4.9%
2+ races: 2.3%
American Indian: 1.2%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.2%

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