If not chocolate, what is the meaning of life?

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June 27, 2013 by juicefong

A light, fun post for you: I received some free tickets to an event in NYC to give away to our Teach For America staff the other day. I created a quick form and sent the offer out to our listserv so people could sign up. I like to have fun with folks, so after questions to retrieve names and email addresses, I asked one final question: “If not chocolate, what is the meaning of life?” Here are the fun, serious, silly, and insightful responses from our TFA staff in NYC.

Feel free to add your opinion on the matter in the comments.

If not chocolate, what is the meaning of life?

Diet coke!

NYC summer fun!

to have fun


peanut butter and chocolate

Self Realization


My dog Ravioli :)


A really good nap.


Pineapple. :)

more chocolate

Attaining the highest form of knowledge. 

Chocolate covered strawberries!



To maximize the time you have on earth by sharing experiences with friends and family. 

I like turtles.


Trick question.



The answer is always chocolate.


if not hope, ….


Well when you put it like that, chocolate it is!



*specifically grumpy cat.  “

Why, educational equity of course!

A clean outlook inbox!


Vanilla…with Whipped Cream…Obvi.

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