Top Ten Teach For America ED’s to Follow on Twitter

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July 10, 2013 by juicefong

About a year ago, from a mountaintop somewhere, I scolded senior people at TFA for not being engaged on Twitter, which put a lot of people on the defensive. Everyone has their personal preferences, but we’re part of a social movement here and Twitter is part of engaging with the community around you (and most certainly not the be all, end all). With the encouragement of the TFA twitterati, more and more of our organizational leaders have gotten into the twgame. Below is a list of my favorite TFA executive directors to follow and a little about each of them.

Shani Jackson Dowell (@srejax), Greater Nashville: Active in national education news and promoting Nashville causes. Specializes in early-morning tweeting.

Robyn Fehrman (@RobynFehrman), Eastern North Carolina: Durham-based, we also get some good insight into parenthood from Robyn.

Brittany Packnett (@MsPackyetti), St. Louis: A native of St. Louis, Brittany calls it how she sees it and does a lot of live-tweeting of TV programs that I don’t watch.

Crystal Brakke (@crystaldbrakke), Twin Cities: Very plugged in to national and Minneapolis education circles. Crystal used to head TFA summer institute team and is an avid photographer.

Michael Tipton (@MichaelWTipton), South Louisiana: Based in Baton Rouge, you’ll hear about a lot of cool local stuff from Michael. Promotes great success stories.

Ahnna Smith (@ahnnakim), Metro D.C.: Well known in local political circles I gather; also seems to lead a generally fabulous life.

Robert Carreon (@rjcarreon), Rio Grande Valley: Based in McAllen, TX, tweets a lot to his corps members. All around upstanding guy with a good sense of humor and a great ‘stache.

Will Nash (@WillNashKY), Appalachia: I’m reluctant to mention this chump, but he’s pretty good on Twitter. Out of Hazard, KY, passionate about rural education and we share a fruit allergy. Did I mention he’s a chump, though?

J.W. Carpenter (@JWCarpenter1979), Alabama: An even bigger chump. He is admittedly pretty funny and his favorite button is the retweet button. Out of Birmingham, locked account.

Nate Snow (@nmsnow), Connecticut: New to Twitter, champion for his local corps and alumni base. Connecticut on the leading edge of reforms, so interesting landscape. Can assume @N8Sn0 was taken.

Honorable mention: Most of these guys are newbies or aren’t terribly active, but maybe if you follow them they’ll perk up.

Jim Curran (@jimbocurran), South Dakota

Nik Howard (@NikolasHoward), Sacramento

Athena Turner (@athenaturner), Memphis

Victor Wakefield – (@VicWakefield), Las Vegas Valley

Laura Saldivar Luna – (@lsaldivarluna), San Antonio

Nate Morrison – (@NateMorrison08), New Mexico

Maurice Thomas – (@Maurice_Thomas), Milwaukee

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