Announcing: “What’s Your Beef?” and “TFA Think”

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August 6, 2013 by juicefong

Oh. My. Goodness. What’s better than announcing a new blog series on

You got it: Announcing TWO new blog series!

Many of you have already heard of “What’s Your Beef?” This is an impending series of blog posts in which I interview some insightful critics of Teach For America and elucidate their arguments and points of view. Given my love for cooking, I will also be including a delicious beef recipe (or tofu substitute) at the end of the post, inspired by that critic. So far I have interviewed Dr. John Thompson, EduShyster and critical TFA alum and published author of two books, Gary Rubinstein. It’s been a busy or otherwise beach-y (see amazing tan below, right) couple of weeks, but I’m working on getting these off the ground soon.

Gary Rubinstein and I after sharing some ribs and brisket at an undisclosed BBQ joint in the East Village.

Gary Rubinstein and I after sharing some ribs and brisket at an undisclosed BBQ joint in NYC.

But wait, there’s more…

In the YOLO spirit, I figured: let’s not stop there. Let’s turn the microphone back on the Teach For America community. There are nearly 40,000 of us in that group if you consider only corps members, alumni and staff members, but we also have moms and dads and partners and supporters and other fans. A lot of people think we all have the same views on education, which is just not the case. Everyone has a different perspective given their own life’s adventure.

I decided to embark on an unscientific but still hopefully meaningful endeavor to find out what TFA people actually think, and emerging from the cracks in the pavement of Fongalong Freeway, I present to you: “TFA Think.” First, I will ask members of the TFA community to take some short (like 4 minute) surveys on select topics, then I’ll summarize the findings, share comments and illustrate either our monolithic groupthink or a diverse set of ideologies. We’ll see just have to see now, won’t we.

The first survey asks a couple basic questions about charter schools and standardized testing. Take it here: “TFA Think: Round One.” And do the right thing, forward it on to a friend. I’ll leave this survey open for about a week, so we’ll cut it off on Wednesday, August 14.

More to come.

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