Statistics about TFA’s incoming corps members


August 10, 2013 by juicefong

I have some statistics about Teach For America’s 5,900 incoming corps members. I share them with you.

Corps makeup
Graduating seniors: 74%
Professionals: 20%
Graduate students: 6%
Average undergraduate GPA: 3.55

People of color OR Pell Grant recipient: 55%
People of color: 39%
– African American: 15%
– Latino: 10%
– Native American: 1%
– Asian American and Pacific Islander: 6%
– (Multi-ethnic or other make up the remainder of 39% figure)
– My editorial note: these are numbers for the overall corps; racial diversity varies widely from region to region.
Pell Grant recipient: 39%
First in family to attend college: 26%
Majored in STEM field in college: 19%
Military veterans: 80

Our corps members hail from 835 colleges and universities
Number of applicants: 57,000 applicants, an 18% increase over last year and our largest applicant pool to date
Admit rate: 14%

Size of our network
Incoming corps members: 5,900
Rising second-year corps members: 5,200
Total corps: 11,100
Alumni: 32,000
Number of regions: 48
New regions this year (2): San Diego and Arkansas Delta (split off from existing Mississippi Delta region)

Most notable
Out of 5,900 new corps members, not one of them is a Fong! #zeropercentFongs

These numbers do change ever so slightly as corps members are still being hired. So you may see future numbers slightly different, but not materially different. That is all. Enjoy your weekend.

Justin Fong heads the small but mighty internal communications team at Teach For America and is the undersecretary of higher metaphysics at

2 thoughts on “Statistics about TFA’s incoming corps members

  1. […] • The 2013 teaching corps was the largest and most diverse ever. A total of 5,900 teachers joined; 39% of whom identified as people of color, 39% Pell Grant recipients, 26% first in their family to graduate college, 26% grad students or professionals, 19% majored in a STEM field, and TFA welcomed 80 military veterans. Together, they come from 835 colleges and universities. More stats here. […]

  2. […] ability to shrug off the naysayers is what really astonishes me. So what if TFA is on average whiter than the teachers it will replace? What does it matter that TFA is a necessary […]

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